As a little girl, I remember being confused and embarrassed by the expectations of those familiar and even unfamiliar to me. I felt tremendously pressured when elders reprimanded me to be more ladylike- speak softer, be less inquisitive, and “for Christ sake child, close your legs!” I was often told how brilliant and beautiful I was, whilst on the other hand being told to be more like my peers – more of one thing or the other. It was worse when my peers would not want to be around me because they were expected to be more like me. Mass confusion all around! The embarrassment and confusion became internalized as I got older. I bought into the comparison syndrome and learnt how to be different personalities for different people and circumstances. A learnt skill that eventually became self destructive.

Alleluia for waking up, learning, transforming and growing! I am grateful that through my in-depth journey as a student, practitioner and teacher of spiritual principles and laws, and ancient practices I now know what it means to be AUTHENTIC. Authenticity has a singular expectation and that is to please one’s soul, and that pleasure pleases Most High/God/Goddess/Universe.

I have experienced PEACE in the awareness that I have a highly inquisitive mind, a mind that always needs to know more. I have accepted that I enjoy my body open, and at times, it is comfortable to clasp my legs and have a closed body. I have come to know that you/I can be as strong spoken as you/I want to be and as soft spoken as you/I want to be. You/I are most peaceful in that which most aligns with our soul.

It is absolutely FREEING to know that no one needs to be like me, and I do not need to be like anyone else. In our uniqueness lies the power of our divine purpose. After all, there is only one of you and only one of me, and we have a divine responsibility to be the ALL of who that is, at all times and in all circumstances, for the world awaits Its unfolding.

AUTHENTICITY can be gently and easily realized through these step, often in this very order:
1. Self Compassion
2. Self Forgiveness
3. Self Acceptance
4. Self Trust
5. Self Honour
6. Self Love
7. Self Appreciation

Beloved, experience AUTHENTICITY and just LOVE upon you, always and in all ways.



I have been very fortunate for the love and wisdom of my birth mother as well as the many women who have mothered me especially, in my adult years.  They have loved me and guided me and challenged me.  One of my mothers transitioned recently, and today her spirit is exceptionally present, and I am feeling and hearing her strongly. So, this blog is dedicated to my Mummy B. I celebrate the life of this POWER-filled Woman.

When I met mummy B, I used to think I was her very special “outside child” and that my family was extra special to her because of how much she welcomed us into her home and life.  We even got into a bit of sibling rivalry with her birth daughters (my special sister-friends); the ongoing joke was that we were trying to take over their parents.  However, I soon came to realize that I and my family were just one of the many “outside children” adopted by this community mother and teacher. A few weeks before B‘s body left us, we shared phone time and she was her usual assuring and grateful self. Her final words to me were, “The bones stopped working, and it’s alright; everything is alright. Thank you Arlene.” (She still called me by my birthname.).

I am highly favoured for having known and experienced B in my lifetime.  I had the honour of her quiet and sometimes not so quiet wisdom. I had the privilege of being filled with her deep and authentic LAUGHs. I had the pleasure of her PEACE; an indescribable Peace that imbued me  whenever I was in her presence. I had the favour of her unconditional LOVE.

She left me the legacy of a lived demonstration of community leadership. B nurtured everyone regardless of beliefs, history, orientation, socio-economic status, or education. She welcomed each person as whole, not parts of them. She accepted everyone without judgment. B gave home to and shared with community children as openly as she gave home to and shared with her own children and grandchildren. She taught – often without speaking a word –  that there is no yours and mine, your child and my child, your house and my house. She believed that community is the foundation of healthy societal living and she lived her belief through the embodiment of PEACE and LOVE.

In many eastern cultures, the prosperity of one’s life is measured by the amount of people in her/his life – those who she/he can call on and who can call on her/him in any situation. B was extremely prosperous and her prosperity lives on.

Thank you my loving mother, Mummy B. I will forever hear your laughter, feel your smile, and carry your wisdom.  I will continue to build community through unconditional LOVE in your honour. Celebrating B!

Mama B

Prepping for Cuba…THE POWER OF THE DREAM

Tonight’s call was yet another session of reflective celebration and learning… truly profound!  Of course, we can hardly believe that we are almost there…Culmination is this week! As we do the nightly calls for the final 40-day process, I am affirmed through The Tao of Leadership that all I need to know is the “what” not the “how”.  Each step I take is a walk of Faith – a principle that is both a noun and a verb – being driven through the power of the dream.

I am so very happy to witness the women’s positive anticipation of the next few days. We cracked up laughing at some of the most berserk situations in the first quarter as women tried to control each other, the process and the Divine rhythm. The women shared the feeling of having “made it!” Yes, they have worked hard and long, fully committed to leadership transformation. They celebrated knowing how to choose self-compassion. One woman share that “It is so powerful to know that God is flexible and so am I.”

As I reflect on the session’s conversation and my own celebrations, I celebrate that the women have crossed over to awakened leadership. They are applying the principles, beyond knowing or understanding. They are experiencing Spiritual principles and Universal laws as a way of being.  They are using principles, laws and best practices to transcend thoughts and actions into manifested realities.

I celebrate these women’s transformation which is evident to their partners, children, parents, siblings, colleagues and friends who are noting the changes, and supporting their visions/dreams.  I celebrate the greatness of Most High being reflected through each of them. I am honoured to be culminating this latest group of Sacred Leaders. Ase!

I celebrate my own transformation and know that to make changes in this world – socially, politically, economically, and spiritually – I must be the change and teach others to do the same.  I am happy to have been chosen for this life’s work.

Keep posted on our preparations to Culmination as we journey to Cuba.

I love you always and in all ways,
Aina-Nia Ayo’dele


5 days before we leave for Cuba for the Sacred Leadership 2015 Culmination. Yeah!!!!  We are at Day 33 in our final 40-day process and it has been an awesome journey indeed. This year, we had women from across Canada which tested our belief in time and space being irrelevant to Spirit; and, for this we became grateful. Whilst each cohort is different, the common theme remains this very serious commitment – kind of life or death seriousness – to experience life at their highest self possible.

I am so very happy to have witnessed the work these women did in such short time – lots of releasing, reclaiming and rebirthing. I simply remain honoured  and inspired.  I have come to know that each cohort’s journey becomes my journey. As I teach I learn. All their questions of me become answers for me. The challenges they experience turn into my triumphs.  I am so grateful that I get to journey and grow with each cohort.

I wish to thank all of you who have held space for the process over these 10 months (Since January 11th 2015.).  An extra special thanks to my “right hand” and program coordinator /councillor,  Kemba King whose leadership and unconditional love have been truly invaluable for the women’s transformation.  Thanks to other facilitators who came and shared their expertise with the women so completely:  Master energy teacher, Dr. Ebun Adelona; First Nation’s teacher, Elder Janet; Yoga therapist,  Kathleen McDonald. Thanks to all the Sacred Leaders who gave their time, love and prayers to the women – Vivine Scarlett, Sonja Anderson, Natasha Eck, Ashley McFarlane, Sedina Fiati , Chiedza Pasipanodya, and Keisha-Monique Simpson Ortega who is also coordinating our culmination in Cuba. Thanks to Reverent June Juliet Gatlin for her spiritual mothering.  And, thanks to my children, my partner and my birth mother who continue to give me space to do and be my life’s Calling/work.  Most importantly, I give thanks to the omnipotent creator,  the ancestors and, the orishas for unconditional overflowing abundance on this vision – Sacred Leadership Training for Women.

Medasi Pa!

It is done! Ase O!

Gotta Keep Moving, Reverent June Juliet Gatlin ~ 


Many years ago, during a significant transformation in my life,  I “lost” my voice. I was placed in state of mute.  I could not speak for 10 days – not a word would come out of my mouth. This experience was my first true understanding of how the Universe conspires for my good.

After a few days of struggling to speak, I surrendered to the gifts of meditation and journaling.  On the 10th day I wrote, “My heart is in my throat.” I had absolutely no idea what that meant at the time of scribing.  “My heart is in my throat? What the hell?!!!”. I was not speaking the truth of my heart.  And, the first words that came after 10 days without spoken voice was “I got it!”  My throat was blocked by the lies I was telling myself about myself and my life affairs. I was ecstatic, I got it!!! Carolyn Myss often speaks to how our biography is reflected in our biology. Basically, our bodies tell the story of our lived experiences.

Beloved, get silent and pay attention.  When you are not sure what is happening in your world or you are experiencing a series of what appears to be chaos, simply allow your body to speak to you. Make it simple and check-in with the basics:

  1. Place your open hand, palm side down on your forehead (left hand for women, right hand for men). Be still and listen… feel… see…
  2. Now gently move your hand to your throat, the sphere of communication. Listen… Feel… See…
  3. Next move your hand to your heart. In this surrendered vibration… Listen… Feel… See…
  4. Slowly move your hand a few inches above naval, your power centre. Listen… Feel… See…
  5. Next bring your hand just about 2 inches below naval, the core of your creativity. Listen… Feel… See…
  6. Staying in this surrendered vibration, gently move your hand to your groin area or the base of your tailbone. This is area often speaks to your sense of safety and security. In your stillness listen, feel and see.

Your body speaks. Listen…Feel…See.

Happy High Vibration Day. Take great care of yourself and live from the overflow.

Loving you always and in all ways,
Aina-Nia Ayo’dele


Deep inhale… Exhale. A long Inhale… slow Exhale. And, just because… with a smile, take a slow purposeful Exhale. When you don’t know what to say or do, when the answers aren’t immediate just be Still and allow SILENCE to lead you.

Silence has often been one of my favourite teachers and a powerful liberator. In the infancy of my conscious spiritual journey, I held the notion that in order to receive the gifts of Silence I had to “go to the mountains”, or travel to so-called “holy lands”, or sit in areas where the vortex energy vibrates highest or, at the very least, do a formal structured Silent Retreat.

I have come to know that while being in those places have most definitely created huge transformative experiences, the power of Silence can be experienced wherever I Am.  Over the years I have been integrating devoted time for Silence as part of my spiritual practice. What this means is that I retreat to absolute silence – no music, reading, writing – inner and outer stillness. Sometimes this practice is as brief as a couple of hours and other times it is a full day or more.  At times I intended on 2 or 3 days and 3 hours gave me exactly what I need at the time. We will always know when we are complete; the key is to surrender to Source (However you define Source.).

Beloved, I offer you the gift of this sacred pause – SILENCE – One of the most effective tools of all times. This will support you in receiving what you desire swiftly, easily and effortlessly. The practice of Silence can be used to answer hard pressed questions, resolve challenges, or to celebrate a vision manifested. Your practice can be a Vipassana meditation retreat where you go away for several days of structured Silence, or you may choose to practice at home for 1/2 day to 2 days.  Whatever your choice, it will be exactly what you need.

Here are 5 tips to support your spiritual practice of Silence:

  1. Consciously create uninterrupted space. Let those in your life know that you will be unavailable and inaccessible for a 1/2 day or 10 days; when others know what you’re doing and why they are more likely to support you.
  2. Set a very clear intention for this time. Make sure your intention clearly identifies what you are choosing to bring forward in the experience. Surrender to whatever is brought forward and avoid attachment to the “how”. Be gentle with yourself.
  3. Use the breath to still your mind and heart to perfect peace for the journey. Deep inhale… Exhale. Another inhale… Exhale. Repeat as often as you need before and during your practice.
  4. Gratitude will always magnify your experience and amplify your vibration. Make gratitude a way of being.
  5. Enjoy a well deserved experience. Be prepared for revelations and transformation long after in you sleeping moments and waking moments.

Loving you always and in all ways,
Aina-Nia Ayo’dele

Going “All The Way!”

At the end of 2014 I declared a resounding “Yes” to the Universe to go “All the Way!” I was over with doing great things in small ways.  I invited – well more like commanded – the Universe, the ancestors, my guides and guards to co-create with me the grandest version of my vision for Sacred Women International. I could feel the huge exhale of “At last!!!” accompanied by a celebration dance.

Faith has been my guiding principle. The truth is that I had no idea how this “All the Way!” would unfold or when exactly. However, history taught me that all I needed to do was  get still long enough to receive Divine guidance, follow immediately and completely the guidance received, then wait patiently for its unfolding. Well, that’s all I needed to know.

So, my next steps were purposeful:

  1. I created statement of intention with absolute clarity on exactly what I desired.
  2. I developed a plan for my vision. The plan was very open to shifts and changes for my highest good, as and when required.
  3. I shared my vision and my plan with my very inner circle of loving supporters/cheerleaders.
  4. I made a list of the mental, emotional and physical clean-ups that were required: Inventory of the situations, relationships, spoken and unspoken agreements and issues that were outstanding. It is imperative to close off on incompletes to avoid energetic hanging receptacles (Oh, those can become highjackers to the best intended vision plan.).
  5. The theme of my daily spiritual practice was centered around Thanksgiving and Celebration: My scriptural texts, chants, journals and offerings were all focused on thanksgiving. I gave thanks for the resources that were needed to serve the world. I gave thanks for the people who are in my life to serve the vision and for those who were coming. I gave thanks for those who came to be served and those who were coming. I gave thanks for my optimal health so I could serve with gentleness. I gave thanks for the overflowing abundance of love that I received from my immediate and extended family. Yes, I became a bit extreme and gratefully so.
  6. I chose a state of high vibration, regardless of the circumstance or experience. (Our vibration levels can affirm or deplete the speed and ease of our vision.). Each day and in every moment, I made the choice for JOY. Sometimes this meant creating happy places and spaces where it seemed not to exist. At times it meant establishing boundaries within relationships and even renegotiating agreements (spoken and unspoken). It always meant expressing LOVE.
  7. I took the necessary and most appropriate steps towards my vision – conscious activity of mind and feet. I often had no idea where those steps would lead me and I kept stepping forward anyway, following Divine guidance and trusting my Highest thoughts and emotions –

Beloved, these 7 simple steps are taking the vision “All the Way!” and it’s been an easy ride. “All the Way!” is proving to be far more than I ever imagined or experienced before. Angels in all forms are showing up to support the vision.

What’s your Vision?  What have you been yearning to make manifest? 

What idea has been too big to even speak?

The time is NOW!

Step into your Vision… Answer the Call… Your deserve your Desire… Take 7 Simple Steps to your Vision, Now. Ase!

The so-called secret to manifesting abundance is really simple and it does not have to be hard. Over the next 21 days, take a dry run at those 7 steps and observe how Faith will lead you through.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world.” ~ Marianne Williamson

Blessings in all that you be and do in this world.

Loving you always and in all ways.

Aina-Nia Ayo’dele


On Wednesday, March 11, 2015,  I became in love with a 16-day old baby boy who has magnified my life, affirmed my belief systems and quickened my life’s journey in more ways than I can fully articulate at this time.  I journeyed to see him at the request of his parents who were told – in no uncertain terms by an astute team of medical professionals – that they should call the family together and make preparations as their son was dying.  He was born premature on February 24th and had developed an infection which caused severe bleeding on the brain.

In preparation for my journey, I sent a global request to my circles for collective consciousness through prayers in every form.  The moment I met this baby boy I saw and felt LIFE.  I saw and felt him as divine, beyond the incubator and the multitude of medical tubes. I saw and felt him as whole, perfect and complete in spite of the devoted physician’s words. I saw and I felt HOPE.  I knew that I was in the presence of a messiah – a leader/messenger/promise in visible manifestation – and that my life was being transformed.

On March 19th, I joined his parents for a meeting, where a team of approximately 10 medical professionals vividly described his prognosis and strongly encouraged his parents to “pull the plug.”  Today is May 4th and this Mighty Spirit  is thriving with a vigor that continues to surprise physical understandings.  He is completely off life support. His stretches are strong and forceful, he enjoys feeding from his mother’s breasts, and being read and sang to by his parents.  He shows his likes and dislikes, and, EVERY day he defies medical predictions.

For me, he has been my daily affirmation of HOPE.  His life has been a demonstration of mysticism – the activity of God/dess Presence beyond human thinking, analysis, logic, and ego identity. His parents’ moment by moment appreciation of his every breath demonstrates a surrender to the knowing beyond what can be seen or touched.

I Am so grateful for this experience with LOVE.  I Am grateful for the simplicity and power of God/dess Presence that enables the marriage of contemporary medical knowledge and ancestral medicinal knowledge. I Am grateful that I am able to be both participant and observer to this Miracle – a shift in perception – the mystery of Spirituality.

Acknowledging that spirituality is such a mystery, I have no clue what the next moment holds for this baby boy. What I do know is that I will continue to acknowledge the divinity of his perfection, wholeness, holiness and completeness. I do know that he holds a unique and divine PURPOSE on this earth and I have been a benefactor; since I met him on March 11th, he has accelerated my life’s vision.

Today, may you recognize that as long as you take up space on earth in this lifetime – whether you are 16-days old or 16, 36, 56, 96 years old – you hold a unique and divine Purpose. There is a person, a community, a nation waiting for You (and only You!) to be part of the weaving of their tapestry and the completing of their Purpose.  Your presence has significance!

Loving you always and in all ways,

Aina-Nia Ayo’dele


For weeks, this intense longing to be with the water and the sun remained with me.  I asked both the Most High and the ancestors to support me – in realizing the open the doors of opportunity – to manifest this Desire (Expression of Highest Self).  For I knew by virtue of the Law of Manifestation, this was already done and I simply needed to realize it. Well, of course the doors opened up! And here I am with the water in the sun.

As I walk alongside this absolutely beautiful lake with gentle sounds of water hitting the rock, I am led to share that my choice to accept the manifestation of what I had asked for was almost aborted by Fear (Mental, emotional, and physical response to unreal evidence based on history and beliefs that are often not ours). The ease at which this Desire was manifested threw me into Fear: Fear of receiving. Fear of being punished for ease. Fear of being unplanned. Fear of being inaccessible. Fear of the unknown. Fear of responding to inspiration (In spirit) versus fact. Fear of not conforming to the belief: “Good comes through hard and painful work, only”.

Although I have evidence to the contrary, fear almost took over the living of a vision. I have evidence that when I follow the Spirit’s calling, I am ALWAYS highly rewarded.  I have repeated evidence of the great benefits to my obedience.  I have experiential data that I no longer need to toil and force to manifest abundance. I have confirmation that it is unnecessary to push and be harried in my creations. Yet, the fear stories showed up.  Fear and its cousins were about to interrupt my experience of goodness.

Well, Alleluia for FAITH!  I quickly activated Faith to transform these Fears. As a teacher and coach on the power of Faith, I must say that this was a most appropriate next level learning. I have come to know that fear decelerates the manifestation process and often creates drama, pain and hardship. However, in the presence of fear, Faith accelerates the manifestation of all things desired.

Beloved, apply Faith (Trusting that you deserve what you Desire) and watch your fears transform.  Yes!

Loving you always and in all ways,
Aina-Nia Ayo’dele

Black History: Not Just a Month

I have been sitting with the significance of Black History Month and how it affirms our lives as people of the African Diaspora and beyond. I am clear that if we do not understand our history we are more likely to repeat it and that includes both parts that affirm and deplete us.

I have come to know that concepts, celebrations, traditions, and practices have their best impact when we can relate. For me, the focus during these 28 days has been on the knowledge of Black history on my life in particular and Sacred Women International as a whole.

The history of African-Canadians’ contribution to Canada is far beyond anything I can begin to write in this blog; the list of those who are usually acknowledged are many yet too few. So, for the purposes of this blog I have chosen to speak to the (S)Hero whose story ushered me through my own mental, emotional and spiritual transformation several years ago.

My beloved Harriet Tubman, I stand on your shoulders, I walk on your back, my steps are in your shadow. Ase!

Harriet Tubman was an abolitionist and an integral part of the Underground Railroad. She was one of the most famous “conductors” on the underground railroad and led  hundreds of slaves into Canada to their FREEDOM, despite a $40,000 reward for her capture, dead or alive.

I was inspired by her story me to keep stepping forward to my own “freedom” in spite of the many obstacles, what ifs, can’ts, nay sayings, lived history, and internal struggles I was facing at the time. Harriet Tubman fuelled my journey to mental, emotional, physical and spiritual FREEDOM.

As a teen, Harriet was often used as a mule to pull the plough on the plantation. Several years ago I had the divine opportunity to be part of a 12hrs reenactment on a plantation and shared the pulling of this 200lbs plough with two other sisters. I experienced excruciating physical responses to the consequence of this task, including a premature menstrual cycle. I accepted that it was my choice to have this temporary experience for a deeper learning. However, for Harriet it was not a choice.  In the very moment, I paid homage to my ancestor for her perseverance through the pain and discomfort.  Thank you Harriet for giving me a glimpse at PERSEVERANCE.

Even as a teen Harriet understood injustice. One day she attempted to defend a fellow field hand who was trying to escape and got caught. The overseer angrily threw a 2lbs weight at the field hand and Harriet jumped between them. The weight hit her in the head resulting in lifelong headaches, seizures, and narcolepsy. Even with physical disabilities, Harriet transformed the lives of hundreds to freedom. True TENACITY.

This courageous woman  ran away from the plantation in the middle of the night. She travelled north at night with the guide of the North Star and instructions from helpers in the Underground Railroad. She travelled about ninety miles to Pennsylvania. I gained COURAGE from Harriet.

This courageous woman was not only RESOURCEFUL, she was also a STRATEGIST. During her time in Philadelphia working odd jobs to take care of her basic needs, she carefully and purposefully planned her return to Maryland to help her family and those who were willing to choose freedom.

Interestingly enough, when Harriet went to get her husband to bring him to freedom she  discovered that he had taken another wife, a free woman. Yes, Harriet experienced BETRAYAL yet, she was not deterred. She said, “I freed a thousand slaves and I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”  When I read that quote from Harriet, I got it! When we are on our vision journey there will be times when even those closest and dearest to us cannot join us, either because they do not know they need to be ‘freed’ or that their ‘freedom’ looks different; and, they will either shift in or shift out of our lives for both our good. Beloved, this is the Universal Law of RHYTHM.

With each successful trip South  Harriet gained greater  confidence in her freedom strategy and ability as a LEADER. It should be noted, she never lost one person on her many journeys. There is claim that  Harriet carried a long rifle with her both for protection as well as to ensure those she was helping stayed focused on the mission. She warned them that if they changed their mind and surrendered or returned to their owners, she would shoot them: “I had reasoned this out in my mind, there was one of two things I had a right to, liberty or death: if I could not have one, I would have the other.” Harriet’s COMMITMENT to her vision to the extent that she would not allow anything or anyone to sabotage her vision greatly inspired my journey/my ministry/my vision.

Eventually, Harriet Tubman settled in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada and in  1913 at 91 years old Harriet Tubman transitioned.  Harriet Tubman left us/me a LEGACY which I consider the model to mental, emotional, physical and spiritual freedom. She sacrificed her life and risked her own freedom to bring others to their FREEDOM. Thank you my beloved master teacher, Harriet Tubman.

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” ~ Harriet Tubman

During this month, may you reflect on the legacy of Harriet Tubman and so many others who have paved the way for us.  Here are 3 questions for your consideration:

  1. Based on your own history, what are you learning about yourself?
  2. From your learning, are there habits, behaviours, or practices that you need to release to move forward more seamlessly?
  3. What must you embrace about your history and yourself so that you can realize your VISION/DREAM/DESIRE?

Happy Black History Month.

I Love you always and in all ways,

Aina-Nia Ayo’dele