For weeks, this intense longing to be with the water and the sun remained with me.  I asked both the Most High and the ancestors to support me – in realizing the open the doors of opportunity – to manifest this Desire (Expression of Highest Self).  For I knew by virtue of the Law of Manifestation, this was already done and I simply needed to realize it. Well, of course the doors opened up! And here I am with the water in the sun.

As I walk alongside this absolutely beautiful lake with gentle sounds of water hitting the rock, I am led to share that my choice to accept the manifestation of what I had asked for was almost aborted by Fear (Mental, emotional, and physical response to unreal evidence based on history and beliefs that are often not ours). The ease at which this Desire was manifested threw me into Fear: Fear of receiving. Fear of being punished for ease. Fear of being unplanned. Fear of being inaccessible. Fear of the unknown. Fear of responding to inspiration (In spirit) versus fact. Fear of not conforming to the belief: “Good comes through hard and painful work, only”.

Although I have evidence to the contrary, fear almost took over the living of a vision. I have evidence that when I follow the Spirit’s calling, I am ALWAYS highly rewarded.  I have repeated evidence of the great benefits to my obedience.  I have experiential data that I no longer need to toil and force to manifest abundance. I have confirmation that it is unnecessary to push and be harried in my creations. Yet, the fear stories showed up.  Fear and its cousins were about to interrupt my experience of goodness.

Well, Alleluia for FAITH!  I quickly activated Faith to transform these Fears. As a teacher and coach on the power of Faith, I must say that this was a most appropriate next level learning. I have come to know that fear decelerates the manifestation process and often creates drama, pain and hardship. However, in the presence of fear, Faith accelerates the manifestation of all things desired.

Beloved, apply Faith (Trusting that you deserve what you Desire) and watch your fears transform.  Yes!

Loving you always and in all ways,
Aina-Nia Ayo’dele


  1. I like the story of your grandmother’s practice as an example of keeping the kindle/embers of faith deeply buried inti oneself. Beautiful metaphor.


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