On Wednesday, March 11, 2015,  I became in love with a 16-day old baby boy who has magnified my life, affirmed my belief systems and quickened my life’s journey in more ways than I can fully articulate at this time.  I journeyed to see him at the request of his parents who were told – in no uncertain terms by an astute team of medical professionals – that they should call the family together and make preparations as their son was dying.  He was born premature on February 24th and had developed an infection which caused severe bleeding on the brain.

In preparation for my journey, I sent a global request to my circles for collective consciousness through prayers in every form.  The moment I met this baby boy I saw and felt LIFE.  I saw and felt him as divine, beyond the incubator and the multitude of medical tubes. I saw and felt him as whole, perfect and complete in spite of the devoted physician’s words. I saw and I felt HOPE.  I knew that I was in the presence of a messiah – a leader/messenger/promise in visible manifestation – and that my life was being transformed.

On March 19th, I joined his parents for a meeting, where a team of approximately 10 medical professionals vividly described his prognosis and strongly encouraged his parents to “pull the plug.”  Today is May 4th and this Mighty Spirit  is thriving with a vigor that continues to surprise physical understandings.  He is completely off life support. His stretches are strong and forceful, he enjoys feeding from his mother’s breasts, and being read and sang to by his parents.  He shows his likes and dislikes, and, EVERY day he defies medical predictions.

For me, he has been my daily affirmation of HOPE.  His life has been a demonstration of mysticism – the activity of God/dess Presence beyond human thinking, analysis, logic, and ego identity. His parents’ moment by moment appreciation of his every breath demonstrates a surrender to the knowing beyond what can be seen or touched.

I Am so grateful for this experience with LOVE.  I Am grateful for the simplicity and power of God/dess Presence that enables the marriage of contemporary medical knowledge and ancestral medicinal knowledge. I Am grateful that I am able to be both participant and observer to this Miracle – a shift in perception – the mystery of Spirituality.

Acknowledging that spirituality is such a mystery, I have no clue what the next moment holds for this baby boy. What I do know is that I will continue to acknowledge the divinity of his perfection, wholeness, holiness and completeness. I do know that he holds a unique and divine PURPOSE on this earth and I have been a benefactor; since I met him on March 11th, he has accelerated my life’s vision.

Today, may you recognize that as long as you take up space on earth in this lifetime – whether you are 16-days old or 16, 36, 56, 96 years old – you hold a unique and divine Purpose. There is a person, a community, a nation waiting for You (and only You!) to be part of the weaving of their tapestry and the completing of their Purpose.  Your presence has significance!

Loving you always and in all ways,

Aina-Nia Ayo’dele

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