Many years ago, during a significant transformation in my life,  I “lost” my voice. I was placed in state of mute.  I could not speak for 10 days – not a word would come out of my mouth. This experience was my first true understanding of how the Universe conspires for my good.

After a few days of struggling to speak, I surrendered to the gifts of meditation and journaling.  On the 10th day I wrote, “My heart is in my throat.” I had absolutely no idea what that meant at the time of scribing.  “My heart is in my throat? What the hell?!!!”. I was not speaking the truth of my heart.  And, the first words that came after 10 days without spoken voice was “I got it!”  My throat was blocked by the lies I was telling myself about myself and my life affairs. I was ecstatic, I got it!!! Carolyn Myss often speaks to how our biography is reflected in our biology. Basically, our bodies tell the story of our lived experiences.

Beloved, get silent and pay attention.  When you are not sure what is happening in your world or you are experiencing a series of what appears to be chaos, simply allow your body to speak to you. Make it simple and check-in with the basics:

  1. Place your open hand, palm side down on your forehead (left hand for women, right hand for men). Be still and listen… feel… see…
  2. Now gently move your hand to your throat, the sphere of communication. Listen… Feel… See…
  3. Next move your hand to your heart. In this surrendered vibration… Listen… Feel… See…
  4. Slowly move your hand a few inches above naval, your power centre. Listen… Feel… See…
  5. Next bring your hand just about 2 inches below naval, the core of your creativity. Listen… Feel… See…
  6. Staying in this surrendered vibration, gently move your hand to your groin area or the base of your tailbone. This is area often speaks to your sense of safety and security. In your stillness listen, feel and see.

Your body speaks. Listen…Feel…See.

Happy High Vibration Day. Take great care of yourself and live from the overflow.

Loving you always and in all ways,
Aina-Nia Ayo’dele

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