5 days before we leave for Cuba for the Sacred Leadership 2015 Culmination. Yeah!!!!  We are at Day 33 in our final 40-day process and it has been an awesome journey indeed. This year, we had women from across Canada which tested our belief in time and space being irrelevant to Spirit; and, for this we became grateful. Whilst each cohort is different, the common theme remains this very serious commitment – kind of life or death seriousness – to experience life at their highest self possible.

I am so very happy to have witnessed the work these women did in such short time – lots of releasing, reclaiming and rebirthing. I simply remain honoured  and inspired.  I have come to know that each cohort’s journey becomes my journey. As I teach I learn. All their questions of me become answers for me. The challenges they experience turn into my triumphs.  I am so grateful that I get to journey and grow with each cohort.

I wish to thank all of you who have held space for the process over these 10 months (Since January 11th 2015.).  An extra special thanks to my “right hand” and program coordinator /councillor,  Kemba King whose leadership and unconditional love have been truly invaluable for the women’s transformation.  Thanks to other facilitators who came and shared their expertise with the women so completely:  Master energy teacher, Dr. Ebun Adelona; First Nation’s teacher, Elder Janet; Yoga therapist,  Kathleen McDonald. Thanks to all the Sacred Leaders who gave their time, love and prayers to the women – Vivine Scarlett, Sonja Anderson, Natasha Eck, Ashley McFarlane, Sedina Fiati , Chiedza Pasipanodya, and Keisha-Monique Simpson Ortega who is also coordinating our culmination in Cuba. Thanks to Reverent June Juliet Gatlin for her spiritual mothering.  And, thanks to my children, my partner and my birth mother who continue to give me space to do and be my life’s Calling/work.  Most importantly, I give thanks to the omnipotent creator,  the ancestors and, the orishas for unconditional overflowing abundance on this vision – Sacred Leadership Training for Women.

Medasi Pa!

It is done! Ase O!

Gotta Keep Moving, Reverent June Juliet Gatlin ~ https://youtu.be/l4QNGeOLNJI 

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