Prepping for Cuba…THE POWER OF THE DREAM

Tonight’s call was yet another session of reflective celebration and learning… truly profound!  Of course, we can hardly believe that we are almost there…Culmination is this week! As we do the nightly calls for the final 40-day process, I am affirmed through The Tao of Leadership that all I need to know is the “what” not the “how”.  Each step I take is a walk of Faith – a principle that is both a noun and a verb – being driven through the power of the dream.

I am so very happy to witness the women’s positive anticipation of the next few days. We cracked up laughing at some of the most berserk situations in the first quarter as women tried to control each other, the process and the Divine rhythm. The women shared the feeling of having “made it!” Yes, they have worked hard and long, fully committed to leadership transformation. They celebrated knowing how to choose self-compassion. One woman share that “It is so powerful to know that God is flexible and so am I.”

As I reflect on the session’s conversation and my own celebrations, I celebrate that the women have crossed over to awakened leadership. They are applying the principles, beyond knowing or understanding. They are experiencing Spiritual principles and Universal laws as a way of being.  They are using principles, laws and best practices to transcend thoughts and actions into manifested realities.

I celebrate these women’s transformation which is evident to their partners, children, parents, siblings, colleagues and friends who are noting the changes, and supporting their visions/dreams.  I celebrate the greatness of Most High being reflected through each of them. I am honoured to be culminating this latest group of Sacred Leaders. Ase!

I celebrate my own transformation and know that to make changes in this world – socially, politically, economically, and spiritually – I must be the change and teach others to do the same.  I am happy to have been chosen for this life’s work.

Keep posted on our preparations to Culmination as we journey to Cuba.

I love you always and in all ways,
Aina-Nia Ayo’dele

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