I have been very fortunate for the love and wisdom of my birth mother as well as the many women who have mothered me especially, in my adult years.  They have loved me and guided me and challenged me.  One of my mothers transitioned recently, and today her spirit is exceptionally present, and I am feeling and hearing her strongly. So, this blog is dedicated to my Mummy B. I celebrate the life of this POWER-filled Woman.

When I met mummy B, I used to think I was her very special “outside child” and that my family was extra special to her because of how much she welcomed us into her home and life.  We even got into a bit of sibling rivalry with her birth daughters (my special sister-friends); the ongoing joke was that we were trying to take over their parents.  However, I soon came to realize that I and my family were just one of the many “outside children” adopted by this community mother and teacher. A few weeks before B‘s body left us, we shared phone time and she was her usual assuring and grateful self. Her final words to me were, “The bones stopped working, and it’s alright; everything is alright. Thank you Arlene.” (She still called me by my birthname.).

I am highly favoured for having known and experienced B in my lifetime.  I had the honour of her quiet and sometimes not so quiet wisdom. I had the privilege of being filled with her deep and authentic LAUGHs. I had the pleasure of her PEACE; an indescribable Peace that imbued me  whenever I was in her presence. I had the favour of her unconditional LOVE.

She left me the legacy of a lived demonstration of community leadership. B nurtured everyone regardless of beliefs, history, orientation, socio-economic status, or education. She welcomed each person as whole, not parts of them. She accepted everyone without judgment. B gave home to and shared with community children as openly as she gave home to and shared with her own children and grandchildren. She taught – often without speaking a word –  that there is no yours and mine, your child and my child, your house and my house. She believed that community is the foundation of healthy societal living and she lived her belief through the embodiment of PEACE and LOVE.

In many eastern cultures, the prosperity of one’s life is measured by the amount of people in her/his life – those who she/he can call on and who can call on her/him in any situation. B was extremely prosperous and her prosperity lives on.

Thank you my loving mother, Mummy B. I will forever hear your laughter, feel your smile, and carry your wisdom.  I will continue to build community through unconditional LOVE in your honour. Celebrating B!

Mama B

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