As a little girl, I remember being confused and embarrassed by the expectations of those familiar and even unfamiliar to me. I felt tremendously pressured when elders reprimanded me to be more ladylike- speak softer, be less inquisitive, and “for Christ sake child, close your legs!” I was often told how brilliant and beautiful I was, whilst on the other hand being told to be more like my peers – more of one thing or the other. It was worse when my peers would not want to be around me because they were expected to be more like me. Mass confusion all around! The embarrassment and confusion became internalized as I got older. I bought into the comparison syndrome and learnt how to be different personalities for different people and circumstances. A learnt skill that eventually became self destructive.

Alleluia for waking up, learning, transforming and growing! I am grateful that through my in-depth journey as a student, practitioner and teacher of spiritual principles and laws, and ancient practices I now know what it means to be AUTHENTIC. Authenticity has a singular expectation and that is to please one’s soul, and that pleasure pleases Most High/God/Goddess/Universe.

I have experienced PEACE in the awareness that I have a highly inquisitive mind, a mind that always needs to know more. I have accepted that I enjoy my body open, and at times, it is comfortable to clasp my legs and have a closed body. I have come to know that you/I can be as strong spoken as you/I want to be and as soft spoken as you/I want to be. You/I are most peaceful in that which most aligns with our soul.

It is absolutely FREEING to know that no one needs to be like me, and I do not need to be like anyone else. In our uniqueness lies the power of our divine purpose. After all, there is only one of you and only one of me, and we have a divine responsibility to be the ALL of who that is, at all times and in all circumstances, for the world awaits Its unfolding.

AUTHENTICITY can be gently and easily realized through these step, often in this very order:
1. Self Compassion
2. Self Forgiveness
3. Self Acceptance
4. Self Trust
5. Self Honour
6. Self Love
7. Self Appreciation

Beloved, experience AUTHENTICITY and just LOVE upon you, always and in all ways.


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