I recently had the privilege of experiencing a 5-week respite in my homeland and have been sitting with the many lessons I was blessed with on this journey which I choose to call My Sankofa Journey. Sankofa is a beautiful Adinkra symbol portrayed as a bird with its head turned backwards taking an egg off its back and forms a heart shape. The concept of Sankofa is derived from the Akan people in West Africa. It teaches us of the wisdom of learning from the past in building the future.  How timely for me, for Sacred Women International.

During these 5 weeks I consciously listened, activated my inner eyes and deeply felt the stories in the lives of my ancestors, living family and the people of my homeland.  This of course was after some resistance and eventual surrender, and where I began to more fully embrace the nuances of my people, places and things.  I gained several teachers along the way.  These teachers showed up as my pre-school nephews,  mother, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends, and vendors in the markets as well as women and men I met randomly or not so randomly in my travels. One of my not so random connections was with a gentle and powerful brother named Sankofa (The Universe in Its mystery is quite humourous.).

All my teachers blessed me with invaluable wisdom to take me “All the way!”  The recurring themes on My Sankofa Journey are:

  1. SURRENDER ~ The first 7-10 days felt uncomfortable, strange, even irritable. Things were not flowing the way I was accustomed or desired. I wasn’t sleeping well and I just could not find my rhythm. By day 10  I became annoyed with myself and decided to do a microscopically honest check in.  To my surprise (wink, wink), I had to acknowledge that I was simply bored.  For the first time in a while I was  doing absolutely nothing, nada, niente, rien, nutting, not a damn thing. I could not remember moving this slow.  As I laughed at myself, the way many of you know I can, I remembered that Boredom is a higher consciousness emotion.  I Surrendered to Boredom… Inhale… Exhale…  I Surrendered to the flow and committed to allow spirit to have its way through my mind, body and emotions. Yes, everything became easy.
  2. HONOUR ~ I began to Honour each experience, in the moment. I had the divine opportunity to truly understand what it means to Honour each person’s journey, beliefs and choices as divinely purposeful just as it is.  As I honoured others I realized that I was honouring myself.  Ubuntu (You live because of me and I live because of you) took on a deeper wider knowing within me. I realized that each journey, belief or choice fed into my own journey, belief and choice for transfiguration so that Sacred Women International/Me can go “All the way!”
  3. APPRECIATION ~ I gained heightened Appreciation for the resourcefulness of my people/my homeland for its continued efforts to overcome generations of oppression. The impacts of perpetual oppression that was being demonstrated through extreme behaviours of  ‘Unworthiness’ or  ‘Entitlement’ which I began to see as attempts to find balance. Yet, in spite of the social and economical challenges there remained tremendous optimism and cheerfulness among people.  As I filled my thoughts, feelings and actions with heightened Appreciation I also experienced reverence for the country that birthed and formed me. This Appreciation inspired my hope for progressive change, regardless of appearance.  I Am so grateful for the miracle/shift in consciousness.
  4. INTENTION ~ For several years I have been practicing and teaching the power of Intention and have repeatedly proven how conscious Intentions allow the easy manifestations my desires, activated both physically and non-physically.  I had the physical down pat however, the nonphysical was a work-in-progress.  During my time of respite I realized Carlos Castaneda’s explanation of Intention being that “everything that exists in the entire cosmos is attached to intent by a connecting link.”  As #s 1 to 3 lessons were being crystallized in my bodies, my intentions were being manifested through links of people and things beyond anything I had imagined.  My desires were being realized without a single effort beyond my thoughts and feeling; manifestations were coming swiftly and tangibly.  So, in case there still remain any doubt in my spiritual, mental, astral, etheric or physical bodies, let me create alignment now. I got it!  I know that when I live of the Source ALL that I desire come to me easily and effortlessly – This is the spiritual principle of Freedom. Ase!

Beloved, as you build your vision and create your desires may the spirit of Sankofa be your guide.

Medasi pa!

Loving you always and in all ways,
Aina-Nia Ayo’dele



Happy KWANZAA. Today’s principle is IMANI/FAITH.

Faith is believing that You DESERVE what you Desire.

Faith is the base of all things.

Faith activates Unity, Self-Determination, Collective Work & Responsibility and Cooperative Economics.

Faith supports you to stay on Purpose and sustain Creativity.

In 2015, may you apply Faith as you EMERGE to ~

MORE than you have been

ALL that you will be

The WHOLESOMENESS of who you truly are. Ase!

Create a great year,

Aina-Nia Ayo’dele


Happy Holidays beloved,

This is a great time of year to allow yourself to be supported by the collective heightening of positive vibrations. Throughout December and into early January there is a diversity of celebrations across faiths and cultures. As you celebrate this season, may you experience PEACE & JOY.

In closing out 2014, may you take time to:

  1. REFLECT on the past year. Ask yourself a) What went really well?  b) What did not go so well? c) How would I do it differently?  Make this time of reflection a gift to yourself.
  2. APPRECIATE yourself. Make a list of 7 things that you appreciated about yourself in 2014. Resist the urge to say, “I can’t think of anything.”  Remember, no matter what the experience, if you look deep and wide enough, there is a lesson. You are still breathing.  Yes, appreciate your breath!
  3. RELEASE things that are not serving you. Put a plan in place to let go off those things that are life depleting. You may identify this during your reflection question “How would I do it differently?” In your release please, please, please FORGIVE yourself for not letting go sooner. Know that forgiveness is about giving love to a situation, person or thing which causes pain/hurt. Forgiveness replaces the pain with LOVE.

Our Watchword for this year is EMERGE, defined as being seen, becoming visible and expressing oneself fully.  Step into your light. Step into your light with humility, love and generousity.  Be gentle, kind, loving. Be all of you always.  I declare we are in a time of Spiritual Emergence and 2015 is not a time to hide your Light under a bushel. It is a time to let your Light so shine before humanity that your good works can be seen.  Do not allow anyone, your past experiences, or present situation to stop you from emerging.

EMERGE in 2015:

  1. As a SELF-LOVER – Commit to a year of SELF-Loving. Practice gentleness, first with yourself and then with others. Always ask whether what you are about to say or do is loving, kind and gentle. As a SELF-Lover you will give from the overflow. As a SELF-Lover you will draw to your experience people and situations that are loving.  As a SELF-Lover your experience will flow unencumbered, with greater ease. As a SELF-Lover your love is unconditional.
  2. With DESIRE – Name and claim what you desire to experience in 2015. Since I was 16 years old I have been making my New Year list. It used to be a list of 100 things that I wanted until I learnt that it was not the things I wanted, it was the experiences. Now I make a list of things to experience and by the end of the year most, if not all, of my desired experiences are accomplished.  Make your list of Desires, write it down and act.  You Deserve What You Desire!
  3. Commit time daily to a daily SPIRITUAL PRACTICE. Let your first activity each day be a conversation with your Source (God/dess, Allah, Olodumare, Jah, Ra, Universe, Spirit, Most High). Check in for appreciation, affirmation and guidance. Your spiritual practice will support you in emerging as you remember the truth of who you are.  Your spiritual practice will keep you aware of the overflowing abundance all around you. Your spiritual practice will allow you to hear with your inner ears and see with your inner eyes that which is for your greatest good.  Your spiritual practice will enable you to build the discipline to stay committed to your goals and fulfill your Desires as a SELF-Lover.

Beloved, over the next few days and into the New Year may you experience more good than you have ever imagined or experienced before. Ase!

Create a great season,
Aina-Nia Ayo’dele


I have been spending time with my three nephews, all pre-schoolers, and it’s been amazing to experience their innocence and their curiosity. They enquire without self-questioning or self-doubt. Every experience is filled with enthusiasm. Their play is creative, always as if for the first time. Today we danced in and out of rhythm, both lyrics and movements were created as they came to mind and body. In these 3 and 4 year old boys, I recognize the power of New.

Innocence makes all things New: Discovering, seeing and experiencing things for the first time; making things already existing as new; and, creating and introducing new thoughts, feelings and emotions to each experience. I am excited by these reminders. I am hopeful in the understanding that all endings create newness. Not new beginnings because every beginning is New, it has never happened before.

In fifteen days a New Year begins. Beloved, you have a choice to discover, create, introduce, see and have NEW experiences that are life affirming. You get to choose exactly what you desire and to do so gently and lovingly. You get to create first in your mind and then in actuality. You have the power!

Come play with me and have fun with these 7 simple steps:

1) Choose one area of your life to make New. I suggest it be an area that you have been trying to transform for a while, an area of your life that poses the most challenge. E.g. money, health, relationship. Yes… Breathe.

2) Allow yourself to imagine exactly how you would want this area of your life to look, feel, shape, smell, sound, be. Hold nothing back. Simply free flow your thoughts and feeling into this experience. Create a vision board or voice/video recording to support you. Deep Inhale…Long Exhale.

3) On a new sheet of paper write a clear and sincere Statement of Intention declaring your desire as though it is already done. Long gentle Exhale.

4) Use a separate sheet of paper to write the thoughts, feelings and emotions that became present for you as you were completing the Statement of Intention. Consciously Inhale and Exhale.

5) Now examine what you wrote to identify those thoughts, feelings and emotions which are supportive and those that will block your desired outcome. Deep Inhale…Long Exhale.

6) Symbolically or literally embrace and embody those thoughts, feelings and emotions which are supportive and release the ones which are not. Long gentle Exhale.

7) Place your intention in a safe space and revisit periodically. Always give thanks for its timely and rightful manifestation. Consciously Inhale and Exhale… Again, long gentle Inhale and Exhale.
It is done!

Keep breathing as you embrace and embody NEW.

Loving you always and in all ways,
Aina-Nia Ayo’dele


December 8, 2014 marked 25 years since the Montreal Massacre and the stats of Violence Against Women are the same and in some cases worse. E.g. 1 in 2 women are murdered by a current or former partner weekly. 51% of Canadian women have experienced at least 1 incident of violence since the age of 16. Every minute a woman or girl is being sexually violated. These stats are not specific to ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, religion, age, social or economic status. It’s about gender, it’s about patriarchy.

It is our responsibility to take both political and spiritual action, activating both consciously and strategically. We must speak out and speak out loud.
On this National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women, we send the highest vibration of COURAGE to every woman and girl.

May we have COURAGE to speak out against violence against women in our families, cultural, religious and spiritual communities, work spaces, learning spaces.
May we have COURAGE to speak out for ourselves and our sisters. May we have COURAGE to do the inner work required to cleanse past and current violence.
May we have COURAGE to forgive ourselves for not having the courage.
“I can be free of suffering today.” A Course In Miracles, Lesson 340

A woman’s energy is most Powerful when she transforms her life: Heal the hurt and re-acquaint herself with the creative, unlimited and divine within. It is at this point that she experiences Peace, Freedom and Harmonious Relationships.


As a little girl I remember being confused and embarrassed by the expectations of those familiar and even unfamiliar to me. I felt tremendously pressured when elders reprimanded me to be more ladylike- speak softer, be less inquisitive, and “for Christ sake child, close your legs!”. I was often told how brilliant and beautiful I was, whilst on the other hand being told to be more like my peers – more of one thing or the other. It was worse when my peers would not want to be around me because they were expected to be more like me. Mass confusion all around! The embarrassment and confusion became internalized as I got older. I bought into the comparison syndrome and learnt how to be different personalities for different people and circumstances. A learnt skill that eventually became self destructive.

Alleluia for waking up, learning, transforming and growing! I am grateful that through my in-depth journey as a student, practitioner and teacher of spiritual principles and laws, and ancient practices I now know what it means to be AUTHENTIC. Authenticity has a singular expectation and that is to please one’s soul and that pleasure pleases Most High/God/Goddess/Universe.

I have experienced PEACE in the awareness that I have a highly inquisitive mind, a mind that always needs to know more. I have accepted that I enjoy my body open and at times it is comfortable to clasp my leg and have a closed body. I have come to know that you/I can be as strong spoken as you/I want to be and as soft spoken as you/I want to be. You/I are most peaceful in that which most aligns with our soul.

It is absolutely FREEING to know that no one needs to be like me and I do not need to be like anyone else. In our uniqueness lies the power of our divine purpose. After all, there is only one of you and only one of me; and, we have a divine responsibility to be the ALL of who that is, at all times and in all circumstances for the world awaits Its unfolding.

AUTHENTICITY can be gently and easily realized through these step, often in this very order:
1. Self Compassion
2. Self Forgiveness
3. Self Acceptance
4. Self Trust
5. Self Honour
6. Self Love
7. Self Appreciation

Beloved, experience AUTHENTICITY and just LOVE upon you, always and in all ways.

Create a great day,


Women often ask me, “Is it really possible to do it all?” The “It” refers to the varying roles of mother, partner/wife, professional/business, community leader, etc. And more and more today, this also includes the role of caregiver to aging parents or unwell loved ones.
Sounds like your world?

Beloved, take a breath… now EXHALE.

My daughter has mastered and teaches natural hair care and so I called her a few weeks ago ask what products I needed to use to accelerate my hair growth. She did her scolding chuckle then said, “Mom, it’s not in the products. It’s all in the technique.” To reference my daughter, it’s not in the number or complexities of the roles, it’s all in the beliefs, thoughts and practices.

Here’s what I’ve come to know, when we practice integration rather than compartmentalization and collaboration rather than separation we have at least a 70% greater chance of efficiency. The roles are honorable, the roles are the divine expressions of our One Self, the roles are all that we are as woman Self. We need not sacrifice one role to excel in the other because in doing so we sacrifice a part of our Self.

It’s a matter of reprogramming your beliefs, thoughts and practices. Ready to consider a few steps to reprogramming?
First, take another conscious INHALE… gentle slow EXHALE… Here goes…

1. RELEASE the stories of separation that dictate you cannot carry all those roles efficiently. The need to separate and compartmentalize will wreak havoc on your efficiency. Release every thought that you have ever had that you are not a good mother, perfect partner, outstanding professional, and that you cannot do it. Examine where those thoughts came from. Do this for no less than 7 consecutive days. It may help to get a coach, mentor, elder or spiritual leader to support you through this release process.

2. Practice conscious AWARENESS of your thoughts, feelings and actions. Observe how your mind and body relate to timelines, expectations, goals, commitments and activities. Pay attention to whether you are in resistance. If so, are these timelines, expectations, goals, commitments or activities in alignment with your highest good? Resistance creates overwhelm, frustration, chaos, anger and guilt which leads to stress. Tell yourself the truth and do this for no less than 21 consecutive days. Journaling is a great self-awareness tool.

3. Be AUTHENTIC in your choices, knowing that you can always choose again and again. Tell yourself your truth about who you are as a mother, partner, daughter, wife, employee, businesswoman, community activist, etc. Define your own values to these roles and stand in your definitions. Be patient with this one, it takes courage so take all the time you need. It is helpful to define yourself from the eyes of God/dess, Spirit, Universal Intelligence, Source.

4. Accept the principle of GIVING AND RECEIVING as a principal flow of energy that enables balance. In your roles, give unconditionally – no strings attached. In your giving know that you are only giving to yourself. Equally allow yourself to receive from others, gracefully and gratefully receive support. When you are offered support say, “Yes thank you.” not “I’m fine, thanks.” Receiving maintains the flow of abundance so that you are giving from the overflow, always. Giving and receiving are always in balance. Journal on how you feel in your conscious giving and receiving experiences.

5. APPRECIATE yourself for loving yourself enough to release the erroneous beliefs, thoughts and actions. Appreciate yourself for your awakening through the awareness. Appreciate yourself for being true to yourself. Appreciate yourself for practicing balance through giving and receiving. Appreciate yourself as woman in this lifetime – filled with energies of all Mothers (Sky, Earth, Water, Fire).

Beloved mother/sister/daughter/friend, you are All of “It”. Ase!
Loving you always and in all ways,
Aina-Nia Ayo’dele

COURAGE In The Face of Violence

I do not often pay attention to mainstream news. However, last Friday evening I happen to have been watching the 6 o’clock evening news and there were at least 5 reports of sexual assaults against women/girls in Toronto. This caused pause for me because for every woman or girl who reported sexual assault another 6 women/girls did not say a word to anyone.

I wondered whether these news reports were amplified in any way by the number of women who publicly accused former CBC host, Jian Ghomeshi of violence, sexual abuse or harassment within the same week. I do not know for certain. What I do know is that victims of violence are usually strengthened by the awareness that they are not alone. I do know that when pain, hurt, shame, guilt, fear, and anger are brought to light there are often ripple effects. I do know that courage happens in the wake of collective consciousness. So, I’m choosing to deduce that there is a possibility that the Ghomeshi story is bringing light to other incidences of assaults throughout the city. This is good news for those of us who are advocating for PEACE.

Today, we honour every woman who have demonstrated the COURAGE to report her abuser, for she is paving the way for others to find their voice and eventually experience healing. We honour Lucy DeCoutere and the other 7 women who came forward to speak of the acts of hate inflicted on them by Ghomeshi.

Each woman who steps forward and tells her story is doing so for the many women who do not yet have the courage. Each woman who shares her story is giving voice to women around the world who are muted as a result of violence against them. Each woman who report an assault is speaking for those women who found shelter with family, friends or institutions. Each woman who ‘makes noise’ against violence towards her or other does so for women who are being used as weapons of war. Each woman who finally tells a friend, family, professional or simply writes her story of violence is bringing awareness to women who have come to know domestic violence as a norm because of generational, religious or cultural practices. Each act of COURAGE is an act to eradicate this perpetuating atrocity against women which is most often patriarchal display of power.

We send healing Light to ignite inner PEACE for women who are survivors and thrivers of violence . We claim highest vibration to amplify collective consciousness for an end of Violence Against Women. We HONOR Women for Peace, now!

Please join Sacred Women International for WOMEN FOR PEACE DAY, December 6th from 9:15 am to 3:00 pm. For more information go to

Create a great day
Aina-Nia Ayo’dele

Practising PATIENCE

Happy Friday beloved,

I recently became aware that I am being called to embody PATIENCE.  There was much angst and denial around this awareness ~ I heard myself exclaim, “Oh not Patience, not now!”  This was followed by a good belly laugh and telling myself the truth, “Aina-Nia, now more than ever you need Patience!”  It was time to become my best student and client, sit my ass down and listen for a deeper knowing.

Beloved, I have since come to know that I am being required to take on the characteristics of my rose bush plant which appeared to have died. For several months I cared for this withered plant – water, sunlight, new soil.  Early one morning I looked out my window and there appeared a beautiful rose bud. Last I checked it had opened into its magnificence. PATIENCE is unhurried, it requires attention, nurturing and trust.

What I can I say, I Am in acceptance and I have surrendered…

I Am consciously practising self-compassion in my moments of impatience.
I Am committed to replacing frustration with peace.
I Am embracing the truth that patience does not mean passivity (erroneous belief).
I Am obeying the Law of Rhythm which secures that what I think I need and do not need will fall away, and what I need will be provided. Ase!

I Am PATIENCE… You are welcome to join me.

Create a great day,

Aina-Nia Ayo’dele

Choosing Happiness

Last evening I was asked, “How is it that you are always happy?” The answer was quick and simple, “I choose.”

Beloved, I have come to know that HAPPINESS is my responsibility. In every moment I get to CHOOSE my response experience…

When my default belief moves into resistance, I choose Acceptance which takes me into Happiness.

When my default belief urges me to defend and even attack, I can choose Surrender to Happiness.

When my default belief vibrates judgment, I remind myself that I do not know enough to judge and choose a shifted vibration of Happiness.

When my default belief insists that I can’t, I won’t and I shouldn’t, I take a breath and remind my consciousness that I get to choose what I deserve – HAPPINESS.

Create a Happy day,
Aina-Nia Ayo’dele