On Wednesday, March 11, 2015,  I became in love with a 16-day old baby boy who has magnified my life, affirmed my belief systems and quickened my life’s journey in more ways than I can fully articulate at this time.  I journeyed to see him at the request of his parents who were told – in no uncertain terms by an astute team of medical professionals – that they should call the family together and make preparations as their son was dying.  He was born premature on February 24th and had developed an infection which caused severe bleeding on the brain.

In preparation for my journey, I sent a global request to my circles for collective consciousness through prayers in every form.  The moment I met this baby boy I saw and felt LIFE.  I saw and felt him as divine, beyond the incubator and the multitude of medical tubes. I saw and felt him as whole, perfect and complete in spite of the devoted physician’s words. I saw and I felt HOPE.  I knew that I was in the presence of a messiah – a leader/messenger/promise in visible manifestation – and that my life was being transformed.

On March 19th, I joined his parents for a meeting, where a team of approximately 10 medical professionals vividly described his prognosis and strongly encouraged his parents to “pull the plug.”  Today is May 4th and this Mighty Spirit  is thriving with a vigor that continues to surprise physical understandings.  He is completely off life support. His stretches are strong and forceful, he enjoys feeding from his mother’s breasts, and being read and sang to by his parents.  He shows his likes and dislikes, and, EVERY day he defies medical predictions.

For me, he has been my daily affirmation of HOPE.  His life has been a demonstration of mysticism – the activity of God/dess Presence beyond human thinking, analysis, logic, and ego identity. His parents’ moment by moment appreciation of his every breath demonstrates a surrender to the knowing beyond what can be seen or touched.

I Am so grateful for this experience with LOVE.  I Am grateful for the simplicity and power of God/dess Presence that enables the marriage of contemporary medical knowledge and ancestral medicinal knowledge. I Am grateful that I am able to be both participant and observer to this Miracle – a shift in perception – the mystery of Spirituality.

Acknowledging that spirituality is such a mystery, I have no clue what the next moment holds for this baby boy. What I do know is that I will continue to acknowledge the divinity of his perfection, wholeness, holiness and completeness. I do know that he holds a unique and divine PURPOSE on this earth and I have been a benefactor; since I met him on March 11th, he has accelerated my life’s vision.

Today, may you recognize that as long as you take up space on earth in this lifetime – whether you are 16-days old or 16, 36, 56, 96 years old – you hold a unique and divine Purpose. There is a person, a community, a nation waiting for You (and only You!) to be part of the weaving of their tapestry and the completing of their Purpose.  Your presence has significance!

Loving you always and in all ways,

Aina-Nia Ayo’dele


For weeks, this intense longing to be with the water and the sun remained with me.  I asked both the Most High and the ancestors to support me – in realizing the open the doors of opportunity – to manifest this Desire (Expression of Highest Self).  For I knew by virtue of the Law of Manifestation, this was already done and I simply needed to realize it. Well, of course the doors opened up! And here I am with the water in the sun.

As I walk alongside this absolutely beautiful lake with gentle sounds of water hitting the rock, I am led to share that my choice to accept the manifestation of what I had asked for was almost aborted by Fear (Mental, emotional, and physical response to unreal evidence based on history and beliefs that are often not ours). The ease at which this Desire was manifested threw me into Fear: Fear of receiving. Fear of being punished for ease. Fear of being unplanned. Fear of being inaccessible. Fear of the unknown. Fear of responding to inspiration (In spirit) versus fact. Fear of not conforming to the belief: “Good comes through hard and painful work, only”.

Although I have evidence to the contrary, fear almost took over the living of a vision. I have evidence that when I follow the Spirit’s calling, I am ALWAYS highly rewarded.  I have repeated evidence of the great benefits to my obedience.  I have experiential data that I no longer need to toil and force to manifest abundance. I have confirmation that it is unnecessary to push and be harried in my creations. Yet, the fear stories showed up.  Fear and its cousins were about to interrupt my experience of goodness.

Well, Alleluia for FAITH!  I quickly activated Faith to transform these Fears. As a teacher and coach on the power of Faith, I must say that this was a most appropriate next level learning. I have come to know that fear decelerates the manifestation process and often creates drama, pain and hardship. However, in the presence of fear, Faith accelerates the manifestation of all things desired.

Beloved, apply Faith (Trusting that you deserve what you Desire) and watch your fears transform.  Yes!

Loving you always and in all ways,
Aina-Nia Ayo’dele

Black History: Not Just a Month

I have been sitting with the significance of Black History Month and how it affirms our lives as people of the African Diaspora and beyond. I am clear that if we do not understand our history we are more likely to repeat it and that includes both parts that affirm and deplete us.

I have come to know that concepts, celebrations, traditions, and practices have their best impact when we can relate. For me, the focus during these 28 days has been on the knowledge of Black history on my life in particular and Sacred Women International as a whole.

The history of African-Canadians’ contribution to Canada is far beyond anything I can begin to write in this blog; the list of those who are usually acknowledged are many yet too few. So, for the purposes of this blog I have chosen to speak to the (S)Hero whose story ushered me through my own mental, emotional and spiritual transformation several years ago.

My beloved Harriet Tubman, I stand on your shoulders, I walk on your back, my steps are in your shadow. Ase!

Harriet Tubman was an abolitionist and an integral part of the Underground Railroad. She was one of the most famous “conductors” on the underground railroad and led  hundreds of slaves into Canada to their FREEDOM, despite a $40,000 reward for her capture, dead or alive.

I was inspired by her story me to keep stepping forward to my own “freedom” in spite of the many obstacles, what ifs, can’ts, nay sayings, lived history, and internal struggles I was facing at the time. Harriet Tubman fuelled my journey to mental, emotional, physical and spiritual FREEDOM.

As a teen, Harriet was often used as a mule to pull the plough on the plantation. Several years ago I had the divine opportunity to be part of a 12hrs reenactment on a plantation and shared the pulling of this 200lbs plough with two other sisters. I experienced excruciating physical responses to the consequence of this task, including a premature menstrual cycle. I accepted that it was my choice to have this temporary experience for a deeper learning. However, for Harriet it was not a choice.  In the very moment, I paid homage to my ancestor for her perseverance through the pain and discomfort.  Thank you Harriet for giving me a glimpse at PERSEVERANCE.

Even as a teen Harriet understood injustice. One day she attempted to defend a fellow field hand who was trying to escape and got caught. The overseer angrily threw a 2lbs weight at the field hand and Harriet jumped between them. The weight hit her in the head resulting in lifelong headaches, seizures, and narcolepsy. Even with physical disabilities, Harriet transformed the lives of hundreds to freedom. True TENACITY.

This courageous woman  ran away from the plantation in the middle of the night. She travelled north at night with the guide of the North Star and instructions from helpers in the Underground Railroad. She travelled about ninety miles to Pennsylvania. I gained COURAGE from Harriet.

This courageous woman was not only RESOURCEFUL, she was also a STRATEGIST. During her time in Philadelphia working odd jobs to take care of her basic needs, she carefully and purposefully planned her return to Maryland to help her family and those who were willing to choose freedom.

Interestingly enough, when Harriet went to get her husband to bring him to freedom she  discovered that he had taken another wife, a free woman. Yes, Harriet experienced BETRAYAL yet, she was not deterred. She said, “I freed a thousand slaves and I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”  When I read that quote from Harriet, I got it! When we are on our vision journey there will be times when even those closest and dearest to us cannot join us, either because they do not know they need to be ‘freed’ or that their ‘freedom’ looks different; and, they will either shift in or shift out of our lives for both our good. Beloved, this is the Universal Law of RHYTHM.

With each successful trip South  Harriet gained greater  confidence in her freedom strategy and ability as a LEADER. It should be noted, she never lost one person on her many journeys. There is claim that  Harriet carried a long rifle with her both for protection as well as to ensure those she was helping stayed focused on the mission. She warned them that if they changed their mind and surrendered or returned to their owners, she would shoot them: “I had reasoned this out in my mind, there was one of two things I had a right to, liberty or death: if I could not have one, I would have the other.” Harriet’s COMMITMENT to her vision to the extent that she would not allow anything or anyone to sabotage her vision greatly inspired my journey/my ministry/my vision.

Eventually, Harriet Tubman settled in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada and in  1913 at 91 years old Harriet Tubman transitioned.  Harriet Tubman left us/me a LEGACY which I consider the model to mental, emotional, physical and spiritual freedom. She sacrificed her life and risked her own freedom to bring others to their FREEDOM. Thank you my beloved master teacher, Harriet Tubman.

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” ~ Harriet Tubman

During this month, may you reflect on the legacy of Harriet Tubman and so many others who have paved the way for us.  Here are 3 questions for your consideration:

  1. Based on your own history, what are you learning about yourself?
  2. From your learning, are there habits, behaviours, or practices that you need to release to move forward more seamlessly?
  3. What must you embrace about your history and yourself so that you can realize your VISION/DREAM/DESIRE?

Happy Black History Month.

I Love you always and in all ways,

Aina-Nia Ayo’dele


I recently had the privilege of experiencing a 5-week respite in my homeland and have been sitting with the many lessons I was blessed with on this journey which I choose to call My Sankofa Journey. Sankofa is a beautiful Adinkra symbol portrayed as a bird with its head turned backwards taking an egg off its back and forms a heart shape. The concept of Sankofa is derived from the Akan people in West Africa. It teaches us of the wisdom of learning from the past in building the future.  How timely for me, for Sacred Women International.

During these 5 weeks I consciously listened, activated my inner eyes and deeply felt the stories in the lives of my ancestors, living family and the people of my homeland.  This of course was after some resistance and eventual surrender, and where I began to more fully embrace the nuances of my people, places and things.  I gained several teachers along the way.  These teachers showed up as my pre-school nephews,  mother, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends, and vendors in the markets as well as women and men I met randomly or not so randomly in my travels. One of my not so random connections was with a gentle and powerful brother named Sankofa (The Universe in Its mystery is quite humourous.).

All my teachers blessed me with invaluable wisdom to take me “All the way!”  The recurring themes on My Sankofa Journey are:

  1. SURRENDER ~ The first 7-10 days felt uncomfortable, strange, even irritable. Things were not flowing the way I was accustomed or desired. I wasn’t sleeping well and I just could not find my rhythm. By day 10  I became annoyed with myself and decided to do a microscopically honest check in.  To my surprise (wink, wink), I had to acknowledge that I was simply bored.  For the first time in a while I was  doing absolutely nothing, nada, niente, rien, nutting, not a damn thing. I could not remember moving this slow.  As I laughed at myself, the way many of you know I can, I remembered that Boredom is a higher consciousness emotion.  I Surrendered to Boredom… Inhale… Exhale…  I Surrendered to the flow and committed to allow spirit to have its way through my mind, body and emotions. Yes, everything became easy.
  2. HONOUR ~ I began to Honour each experience, in the moment. I had the divine opportunity to truly understand what it means to Honour each person’s journey, beliefs and choices as divinely purposeful just as it is.  As I honoured others I realized that I was honouring myself.  Ubuntu (You live because of me and I live because of you) took on a deeper wider knowing within me. I realized that each journey, belief or choice fed into my own journey, belief and choice for transfiguration so that Sacred Women International/Me can go “All the way!”
  3. APPRECIATION ~ I gained heightened Appreciation for the resourcefulness of my people/my homeland for its continued efforts to overcome generations of oppression. The impacts of perpetual oppression that was being demonstrated through extreme behaviours of  ‘Unworthiness’ or  ‘Entitlement’ which I began to see as attempts to find balance. Yet, in spite of the social and economical challenges there remained tremendous optimism and cheerfulness among people.  As I filled my thoughts, feelings and actions with heightened Appreciation I also experienced reverence for the country that birthed and formed me. This Appreciation inspired my hope for progressive change, regardless of appearance.  I Am so grateful for the miracle/shift in consciousness.
  4. INTENTION ~ For several years I have been practicing and teaching the power of Intention and have repeatedly proven how conscious Intentions allow the easy manifestations my desires, activated both physically and non-physically.  I had the physical down pat however, the nonphysical was a work-in-progress.  During my time of respite I realized Carlos Castaneda’s explanation of Intention being that “everything that exists in the entire cosmos is attached to intent by a connecting link.”  As #s 1 to 3 lessons were being crystallized in my bodies, my intentions were being manifested through links of people and things beyond anything I had imagined.  My desires were being realized without a single effort beyond my thoughts and feeling; manifestations were coming swiftly and tangibly.  So, in case there still remain any doubt in my spiritual, mental, astral, etheric or physical bodies, let me create alignment now. I got it!  I know that when I live of the Source ALL that I desire come to me easily and effortlessly – This is the spiritual principle of Freedom. Ase!

Beloved, as you build your vision and create your desires may the spirit of Sankofa be your guide.

Medasi pa!

Loving you always and in all ways,
Aina-Nia Ayo’dele



Happy KWANZAA. Today’s principle is IMANI/FAITH.

Faith is believing that You DESERVE what you Desire.

Faith is the base of all things.

Faith activates Unity, Self-Determination, Collective Work & Responsibility and Cooperative Economics.

Faith supports you to stay on Purpose and sustain Creativity.

In 2015, may you apply Faith as you EMERGE to ~

MORE than you have been

ALL that you will be

The WHOLESOMENESS of who you truly are. Ase!

Create a great year,

Aina-Nia Ayo’dele


Happy Holidays beloved,

This is a great time of year to allow yourself to be supported by the collective heightening of positive vibrations. Throughout December and into early January there is a diversity of celebrations across faiths and cultures. As you celebrate this season, may you experience PEACE & JOY.

In closing out 2014, may you take time to:

  1. REFLECT on the past year. Ask yourself a) What went really well?  b) What did not go so well? c) How would I do it differently?  Make this time of reflection a gift to yourself.
  2. APPRECIATE yourself. Make a list of 7 things that you appreciated about yourself in 2014. Resist the urge to say, “I can’t think of anything.”  Remember, no matter what the experience, if you look deep and wide enough, there is a lesson. You are still breathing.  Yes, appreciate your breath!
  3. RELEASE things that are not serving you. Put a plan in place to let go off those things that are life depleting. You may identify this during your reflection question “How would I do it differently?” In your release please, please, please FORGIVE yourself for not letting go sooner. Know that forgiveness is about giving love to a situation, person or thing which causes pain/hurt. Forgiveness replaces the pain with LOVE.

Our Watchword for this year is EMERGE, defined as being seen, becoming visible and expressing oneself fully.  Step into your light. Step into your light with humility, love and generousity.  Be gentle, kind, loving. Be all of you always.  I declare we are in a time of Spiritual Emergence and 2015 is not a time to hide your Light under a bushel. It is a time to let your Light so shine before humanity that your good works can be seen.  Do not allow anyone, your past experiences, or present situation to stop you from emerging.

EMERGE in 2015:

  1. As a SELF-LOVER – Commit to a year of SELF-Loving. Practice gentleness, first with yourself and then with others. Always ask whether what you are about to say or do is loving, kind and gentle. As a SELF-Lover you will give from the overflow. As a SELF-Lover you will draw to your experience people and situations that are loving.  As a SELF-Lover your experience will flow unencumbered, with greater ease. As a SELF-Lover your love is unconditional.
  2. With DESIRE – Name and claim what you desire to experience in 2015. Since I was 16 years old I have been making my New Year list. It used to be a list of 100 things that I wanted until I learnt that it was not the things I wanted, it was the experiences. Now I make a list of things to experience and by the end of the year most, if not all, of my desired experiences are accomplished.  Make your list of Desires, write it down and act.  You Deserve What You Desire!
  3. Commit time daily to a daily SPIRITUAL PRACTICE. Let your first activity each day be a conversation with your Source (God/dess, Allah, Olodumare, Jah, Ra, Universe, Spirit, Most High). Check in for appreciation, affirmation and guidance. Your spiritual practice will support you in emerging as you remember the truth of who you are.  Your spiritual practice will keep you aware of the overflowing abundance all around you. Your spiritual practice will allow you to hear with your inner ears and see with your inner eyes that which is for your greatest good.  Your spiritual practice will enable you to build the discipline to stay committed to your goals and fulfill your Desires as a SELF-Lover.

Beloved, over the next few days and into the New Year may you experience more good than you have ever imagined or experienced before. Ase!

Create a great season,
Aina-Nia Ayo’dele


I have been spending time with my three nephews, all pre-schoolers, and it’s been amazing to experience their innocence and their curiosity. They enquire without self-questioning or self-doubt. Every experience is filled with enthusiasm. Their play is creative, always as if for the first time. Today we danced in and out of rhythm, both lyrics and movements were created as they came to mind and body. In these 3 and 4 year old boys, I recognize the power of New.

Innocence makes all things New: Discovering, seeing and experiencing things for the first time; making things already existing as new; and, creating and introducing new thoughts, feelings and emotions to each experience. I am excited by these reminders. I am hopeful in the understanding that all endings create newness. Not new beginnings because every beginning is New, it has never happened before.

In fifteen days a New Year begins. Beloved, you have a choice to discover, create, introduce, see and have NEW experiences that are life affirming. You get to choose exactly what you desire and to do so gently and lovingly. You get to create first in your mind and then in actuality. You have the power!

Come play with me and have fun with these 7 simple steps:

1) Choose one area of your life to make New. I suggest it be an area that you have been trying to transform for a while, an area of your life that poses the most challenge. E.g. money, health, relationship. Yes… Breathe.

2) Allow yourself to imagine exactly how you would want this area of your life to look, feel, shape, smell, sound, be. Hold nothing back. Simply free flow your thoughts and feeling into this experience. Create a vision board or voice/video recording to support you. Deep Inhale…Long Exhale.

3) On a new sheet of paper write a clear and sincere Statement of Intention declaring your desire as though it is already done. Long gentle Exhale.

4) Use a separate sheet of paper to write the thoughts, feelings and emotions that became present for you as you were completing the Statement of Intention. Consciously Inhale and Exhale.

5) Now examine what you wrote to identify those thoughts, feelings and emotions which are supportive and those that will block your desired outcome. Deep Inhale…Long Exhale.

6) Symbolically or literally embrace and embody those thoughts, feelings and emotions which are supportive and release the ones which are not. Long gentle Exhale.

7) Place your intention in a safe space and revisit periodically. Always give thanks for its timely and rightful manifestation. Consciously Inhale and Exhale… Again, long gentle Inhale and Exhale.
It is done!

Keep breathing as you embrace and embody NEW.

Loving you always and in all ways,
Aina-Nia Ayo’dele